Meet Karen

Hi my name is Karen and I am a lover of people and all things calligraphy! I fell in love with the art at a young age in a calligraphy class in high school. In 1984, with a husband and 2 children (soon to be 3), I decided to make a career out of it and start my very own calligraphy business in Beverly Hills.  My clientele included rich & famous (think Michael Jackson) brides, grooms, birthday parties, name it! I was the go-to calligrapher to the stars.  Flash forward to today.  I love sharing the art of calligraphy with my students over a cup of coffee or a fresh squeezed mimosa.  Combining my two passions (people and calligraphy) has truly blessed my life and, I have to say, I feel very lucky!

I look forward to meeting you!